Canadian .ca Domains?

Can i register or host .ca domains with Dreamhost ?

I looked around the site and it doesnt seem possible to register .ca, possibly because Dreamhost doesnt meet the Canadian ‘cira’ requirement or isnt registered with them.

However, if I were to register the equivalent .com domain as my free domain with hosting and purchase the .ca domain from an authorised source, is it possible to host the .ca domain with Dreamhost ? or should I look for an all-in-one solution from a Canadian hosting company (and pay higher prices for less features) ?

You cannot register a .ca domain name with Dreamhost but you can host it, and any other TLD, with DH as long as you can set the nameservers (via your registrar) to Dreamhost’s.


Yes, as described here :

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I have just picked up an account that is a .ca originally registered with Tucows, (where I’d registered domains a couple hundred years ago) - since Tucows dropped this, can an existing registration be transferred?

It would be great to have the reg and hosting altogether (when it’s Dreamhost, that is.) :wink:

Unfortunately, DH only takes .com, .net, .org, or .info domain names as stated in the website.

The only way is to register the domain elsewhere and host it in DH. The detailed procedures how to host it in DH is explained in wiki.

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