Can you


Can you host domains from Because I’m trying to host one but its been like 5 days and it still hasn’t went through. It said a few days so I thought ok .

Should it take this long?


Are you talking about a transfer of some sort? Is it the domain name registration, or the content?



Trying to host a domain purchesed by a friend.


Since I don’t know the Registrar (I use GoDaddy), I’m not sure of the details, but you’ll need your friend to set the DNS Nameservers to ns2… and ns3…

Then you can set up their domain at DreamHost using the control panel to Fully Host that domain.



I have 6 domains with Netrillium and all of them are working fine with my Dreamhost account.

Have you changed your nameservers?

For the domain to work, your friend MUST change her nameservers and I’m suspecting she hasn’t dont that :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea we didn’t. So she changed it to so now were waiting for it to work.


There should be at least two nameservers listed.

As a side note, it took 5 days for one of my domains to fully propagate. The majority kicked in after two days, but some stubborn DNS servers took 5 days.