Can you use Tumblr to host with Google Apps for mail etc?

Hi all,

I’ve found some threads regarding using Tumblr instead of Dreamhost for hosting. What I wish to do is the following:

I want to have my domain point to my tumblr page - I know you have to add an ‘A’ record and I’ve done this.

I also wish to use Google apps for email, calendar etc that I’m using at the moment.

The pages with instructions for using tumblr/dreamhost say use dns only.
Can I do what I wish? If I change to dns only won’t I lose my calendar and email etc.


edit Ok - it seems to have done it, I was being impatient.
It seems if you use google hosting and then add an ‘A’ record to tumblr you get what I’m after i.e. Tumblr to host but googlemail for my domain still works.