Can You Update to Newest Security Fix Joomla?


We’d like to get using Joomla but the Goodies page lists Joomla at 1.04, which is two versions old. Joomla 1.0.7 has at least one critical security fix. Can someone at Dreamhost update the installer to 1.0.7?

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Lynn Fredricks
Paradigma Software, Inc

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This discussion forum is populated mostly by customers like yourself. If you need to contact support, you should do so directly through your web panel.

I know the one-click install makes thing very easy but Joomla/Mambo is one of the easiest script installs I’ve ever done, so you just might want to do it yourself.

Good luck!

Sure, I realize that. I also hope that others like myself are also interested in this and that dreamhost admins bother to stop by here once in a while.

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Dreamhost may or may not be very responsive to your request. I chose to do the update myself, in the interest of maximizing security. If you are of the same mindset, the update is very simple. Go to, download the update package and expand it. Next ftp the updated files over your existing directory structure, check out the readme file, and you’ll be updated.

Obviously this isn’t the same thing you requested, but you will be safer if you take the update into your own hands. There is an FAQ at Joomla’s site.