Can you reset the root user password?


First of all let me make sure I am doing this right. When I go to PuTTY and enter as the Host Name and then try to log in as…
User: root
Password: (the password I am nearly positive that I set for root user)

It tells me that access is denied. Am I doing something wrong or have I just forgotten the root password? The reason I ask is because I want to grant more / all privileges to my regular user since I was advised not to regularly use the root user to make changes to MySQL databases. When I try it as my regular non-root user it gives me an “access denied” error if I remember correctly.

I am suspicious that I am trying to grant the privileges incorrectly or something. Should I even be using PuTTY? Any help would be appreciated.

PS Also when I try to use phpmyadmin and log in as “root” and then use the password it also does not work.

  1. What you created was an admin user, not a root user — it has its own username.

  2. MySQL users and shell users are totally separate. We don’t currently have any equivalent of an “admin user” for MySQL at all, let alone a root user. If you want to manage multiple databases, you will need to use the appropriate login for each one.


Okay, got it. I think the book I was reading from was assuming I was running PHP / MySQL on my local computer.

Thank you for the help andrewf!