Can you point the domain to a subfolder?


Hi all.

I was wondering if I could point to a specific subfolder. Like I’d like visitors to to actually be redirected to without having to actually redirect them with like java or something. Does that make sense?

any help or suggestions are appreciated. thanks…


In your Fully Hosted Domain setup, you can specify it to use any folder you choose. Depending on your setup, this may or may not work due to pathnames in your configuration files.

Another option is to use a Rewrite so the subfolder is transparent. Someone good with mod_rewrite might have a .htaccess setup handy and can post the syntax.



What do you want your users to see in the address bar? Do you want them to see http://www.yourdomain.tld/ or http://www.yourdomain.tld/folder/ ?

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I wanted users to be able to go to both www.domain.tid and www.domain.tid/folder, and have them be the same. if that’s possible. If not, then I want users to see www.domain.tid/folder

thanks for the help


Do you have a simple static site, some php you wrote yourself, or a full-fledged web application like Wordpress running there?

(Apologies for not asking both questions at the same time)

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no problem… it does indeed happen to be wordpress running in that subfolder.


(Oh no! He’s got another question!)

Is that installation of Wordpress from a one-click install or did you do the install yourself? If you did a one-click install, do you want to keep it a one-click install?

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lensman, thanks for sticking through this and helping me!

install was a one-click install. I probably want to keep it that way as I’m not to keen on having service interrupted right now while i sort through installing wordpress. I should mention that while I was hoping to have point to the subfolder right now. Eventually I would like to change it back such that it operates “normally”.

thanks again for the help.


It’s going to be somewhat difficult to both redirect or point your domain to a subdirectory or another directory while you get wordpress sorted out on that domain while keeping one-click status for that domain.

What do you think you need to “sort out” about wordpress on your domain? Is it content and organization? Plugins? The theme?

First, create a subdomain and install Wordpress there. Use that subdomain to practice getting everything right for how you want to configure Wordpress. You will be able to export all content you set up and import it into your final Wordpress installation on your domain.

Second, decide whether it’s more important to keep one click status and take a small amount of downtime or to have no downtime and to lose one-click status.

If you want to keep one click status, you’d get everything going on your alternate subdomain, then quickly do the one-click install, setup and import of content into your main domain very quickly in the “off hours”.

If you want to have zero downtime, again, you’d get everything going on your alternate subdomain, change the configuration of Wordpress on the subdomain to make it think it’s going to be the main domain, then change the web directory of the main domain to be the directory you installed wordpress into.

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You could whack an index.php file in your domain root directory:

<? Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" ); Header( "Location:" ); ?>