Can you point me in the right direction

I am looking at different open source website software to make a web site for posting commissions for independent sales people in my company. The site would need to be completely private with username and passwords for all sales reps and admins. I want the ability for an admin with little knowledge to be able to post commissions and sales info in a blog type format and it only to be visible to one user and not the whole sales force. I want it so that when a sales rep logs in all they can see is just the information posted for them. Is there anything capable of this? Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks

look around on may be some site script fit with your need

Do you currently have some way of showing sales people their stats? I’m thinking that you can set up password protected directories on a website and then export an Excel or Word document to HTML format and upload it to the appropriate directory. It’d be a drag and drop for the admin using FTP software.


I regret that I have no solvolution for this professional issue.Good luck.

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What about a forum software? I have seen forums set up with hidden threads that needed special privileges to see. Can something like that be adapted to work in my situation? It does not have to be a pretty solution, it just has to work. Thanks

Sure, phpBB works like that. And you’re fine with posting the data in relatively plain text? You can certainly do a One-Click Advanced (not the Easy install) and tinker with it.


If you want to use PHPBB3, create a group for each client with a forum that only that group can view, then post the data you want to keep private in their “own forum”.

I would think WordPress has the same functionality (certain groups allowed to read certain posts). Scott may be able to tell us if that’s possible. An even less elegant way would be to use the PM function of a forum app.

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I think that WordPress would need some additional plugins to restrict what a user can read. phpBB has a much better mechanism (groups) where you can hide the existence of a forum from non-group members, which reduces clutter.