Can you move or un-do a one-click install?



I did a one-click install of piwigo gallery into the top level of my web server, but I want it at a level lower in the directory tree. Is there a point and click way to move it or do I go try to move all the files using the shell interface?


You can move the files to a subdirectory using FTP/SFTP which might be a little easier than the shell. Then, update your piwigo config to point to the right location.

Caveat, your piwigo is now separated from DH’s one-click system and will have to be manually upgraded. But, you’ll also need to remove it from your one-click list, or DH’s upgrade robot will keep looking for it at the old location.


Thanks for the information! It would be nice if they had controls for uninstalling stuff and moving it around too, for us lazy people.


There is a control for removing one-click installs, I finally found it. I looked right past the button for (“Manage One-Click Installs”) under the One-Click Installs tab. So I did the uninstall for piwigo, and got an email some minutes later that the files had been removed, but they weren’t. It wasn’t that difficult to remove them myself, and I emailed DreamHost support people about the problem. Maybe I just didn’t wait long enough? I dunno… Moving on…