Can you manage your dream host websites from 1 Wordpress account?

I have two domains being hosted on my VPS, I downloaded the 1-click install Wordpress app for each website however when I click manage they take me to two different randomly generated Wordpress accounts.

How can I work on both websites from a single Wordpress account? If not, should I continue to just begin working on both through the two separate Wordpress users it loads me to?
I’ve seen others online add multiple sites to one Wordpress account but I don’t see this option nor have I ever actually made a Wordpress account other than what it generates for me when I install the Wordpress app on my “manage websites” dashboard via dreamhost.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I like to stay organized with these things.

WordPress has a Multisite feature, but it is an advanced feature that DH doesn’t support, so you’d have to be comfortable setting up WP sites manually:

Within each WP install, you could certainly setup the same user name for administering both.

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