Can you install SOAP on DreamHost?

Is it possible to install SOAP on dreamhost? Do you have instructions or know where instructions are at?

Will I have to install my own version of PHP?

According to the list of installed modules for DreamHost’s current php5 install, SOAP is not already installed.
So yes, you’ll have to install your own version of PHP5.

Information on doing so can be found in the DreamHost wiki here:

Good luck :wink:

If I install my own version of PHP and mess it up, is there a way to revert back to DreamHost’s default PHP5? And, how will I know if it is messed up? Is it just a wait and see-wait for certain scripts t not run, and random errors to pop up?

If you “mess it up”, you can easily revert back to DH’s PHP install by removing the information you entered into your .htaccess file.
You’ll know you messed it up, because your php-based web pages won’t work. But if you follow that guide as it says, you should have no issues :wink:

If you happen to have issues with the install process, for whatever reason, feel free to post back here and someone may be able to offer you assistance (including myself).
I plan to offer a service to DH customers soon doing just that - installing PHP + options for them :slight_smile:

Mousee -

I guess the answer to the subject would be - “Yes! I can install SOAP on DH.”

Good luck. See if you can’t help out with all those PHP upload questions too.

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