Can you host e-mail only? -- not DNS & web

I have about 80 e-mail addresses I host for an organization that already has a web & DNS hosting provider. I can’t figure out how to get DreamHost to only host e-mail for a domain.

Is this even possible or does DreamHost have to host DNS in order to properly host e-mail?

Email associated with a domain is handled as specified by the domain’s MX records, which are part of the DNS set-up for the domain. As such, they need to be set by whoever controls the domains DNS.

I do not know of a way to provide email services using Dreamhost for domains that are not under their control. You might consider investigating Google’s Gmail for Domains, which will allow you to point the domain’s MX records at Gmail :slight_smile:

To get an authoritative answer, you should pose this question directly to Dreamhost Support via a support ticket sent from the Control Panel.


Thanks! I’ll bring it up with DreamHost support because I’d really like to just use DreamHost’s e-mail.

Good luck! If it’s not too inconvenient, it would be great if you would post back here what they tell you; I’m sure others might be interested in the authoritative answer (I know I would! :wink: )


From DeamHost support (damn they’re fast!):

Yes, that was fast! The answer makes sense too; I don’t know why I didn’t think of that (the “domain” can be “set up” in both places, and “served” from one place while the mail-exchange is handled from another) Duh! Must be having a really slow morning :frowning: .

I’m thinking the only trick will be getting the MX records properly set where the domain is “managed”, which will have to be handled with them. Thanks for sharing back what you learned; I appreciate it! :slight_smile: