Can you enable html on the forums?

Hi there. I know next to nothing when it comes to Phpbb. I have recently created a forum and am trying to find out if there is a way to enable being able to use html on it instead of bb code?

HTML is disabled due to the inherent risks of what that code may contain. Not that it’ll hack your site, but users can embed content that you’d rather not have on your site.

What is it you want users to include that bbCode doesn’t allow?


I would like to be able to post using tables with specified background colors and widths

Why do you need to use tables? Isn’t these markup enough for you?

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You can create custom BBCode in phpBB3.


I use these sort of tables because the forum is used for an rpg and you use tables to post with pictures… let be give you an example…

Here’s a BB code you could modify to suit.

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