Can you download a copy of your PS image, and run it in VMWare?

I’ve recently signed up for Dreamhost PS. To make deployment easier, I downloaded Debian 5.0.8 (the OS on my PS) and set it up as a VMWare virtual machine on my laptop. I intended to have them both configured the same, develop my websites on my Debian VM, and thus hopefully have no problems when I come to deploy to the PS.

However, my Debian VM is just a bare Debian install, whereas the Dreamhost PS obviously has quite a bit more software and configuration on it, so that it functions as a server.

I was wondering if Dreamhost made the image they use for private servers available for download, so that users could run it locally as a VM for testing. I’ve no idea if that would even work (I’m not sure what CPUs their servers have for example — could be a different architecture to my laptop), but I thought I’d ask: the alternative seems to be to figure out everything Dreamhost has installed on their PS, and install it on my VM. Laborious.