Can you define hosting packages like WHM does?

Howdy, I’ve just moved here from a host using cPanel/WHM and I’ve having fun learning how Dream Host operates. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna rant about the pros and cons of all these different dashboards. DH looks shiny and will be great when I’m more familiar with how it operates!

I aim to move all my clients websites to DH and wonder if there’s an easy way to set up individual hosting accounts on my VPS service, similar to how WHM defines their “packages”? or, are they just run under individual users? (I’d like to be able to limit space allocated to each client so I can control resources.)

Any advice on how to separate out hosting to different clients? They need very limited access really but I’d like to be able to offer them access to their email set-up and FTP things.

Thanks muchly :smiley:

WHM is more than just cPanel, you have administrative access to everything on the server.