Can you buy a Domain on Dreamiest and sell it on go daddy or flippa?


If so, are there any hidden fees?

Is the process worth the hassle?


yes you can buy and sell it . for transfer you need to contact support or create a support ticket.

sites like 123movies


Subject to the ICANN rules of transfer, once registered in your name a domain is yours to do with as you wish.

ICANN have the 60 day rule but you can get around this by “pushing” a domain to an account with the same provider (not sure if DH do this).

A newly registered domain is not going to be worth much as age is a ranking factor with Google and it would be rare that you managed to register the perfect domain.

Godaddy have all sorts of hidden fees they are renowned for them.

Flippa is pretty straightforward but they expect a multiple of the income earned from a site and evidence to support not only income but traffic.


Yes you can buy a domain name from any registrar and sell it on Flippa. Whether you make a profit or not depends on if you can find someone willing to pay what you want for it.