Can WordPress and WebDAV coexist?



I want to enable WebDAV on, but I also want to install a WordPress blog and have its address be (I don’t need WebDAV access to the blog; I just want its address to be /trevor/blog, and that happens to be a WebDAV location.)

I tried this, and it worked except for one problem: Any attempt to post a comment prompts the user for the WebDAV username and password. Turning off WebDAV turns off the prompt and allows commenting to work.

So it looks like I can have WebDAV or WordPress commenting but not both. Is there any way around this? Thanks,



I don’t know anything about WebDAV, but other WordPress users use it, so I assume the two can work together. I’m not sure what could be causing your problems, but if no one here can help, try the WordPress support forums at Good luck.



Simply, no. Not on dreamhost.
On dreamhost webdav enabled directories don’t run php code for some reason.