Can we use eaccelerator?


As we know, eAccelerator could speed up our php application.

I want to know whether we could use this module on our server?


I’d like to know also.


Just glancing over the install instructions it looks to me like you cound get this working with a custom install of PHP. You’ll have to update a lot of the paths it references when you install eAccelerator to tell it where your custom insatll is.

It won’t be easy, but if you’re willing to work and learn a lot about SSH, and custom compiling. It’s a bit of learning curve, but if you’re up for it - go for it.



I have read the wiki, and I successful compiled custom PHP.
However, I have try to compile eaccelerator, I encounter some problem.
The first is compiling requirements is not match. Our server don’t install such as AutoConf ,AutoMake, and M4.
The second is eaccelerator should run under mod_php ( as I know, I don’t know whether this is right:( ).

So, try to compile it by ourself is Mission Impossible for me.

And, I have requested dreamhost to support it, the support suggest we should sumit a suggestion on .
search eaccelerator, and vote that!

Wish dreamhost will install eaccelerator.

And, you can visit to know how the performance is using eaccelerator or wp-cache :slight_smile:


I had a very bad experience with eaccelerator, every 20th page or so came up blank.

We quickly abandoned it.

So, don’t hope too hard! :slight_smile:


hehe. Now it’s easy to use and very powerful.
My site has installed it.

And, see the page execution time at bottom of the page :slight_smile:

without eaccelerator, it’s 1.0. and with it, the time is 0.5/0.6. :slight_smile:


I have wrote a post to describe how to install eaccelerator on dreamhost.

It’s very easy to install :slight_smile:

for more information, please reffer to :


^ Those instructions look too complex for a noob, I think I have to change hosts to one that supports it, since gallery2 is too resource heavy. Hopefully more people will vote:


Well gallery2 is probably only really resource intensive if you are allowing people to upload photos onto it as then it would be using gd, imagemagick, or netpbm depending on how you configured it. I don’t permit it for one of my websites and it uses no more than any other website. I even have the watermarking bit enabled for hotlinking. My other website is running mybb forum and has its own caching system. It generates pages in about .5 seconds usually. The eaccelerator is nice if it is an option. Meaning you can enable it on a per domain basis because not all scripts play nice with that kind of thing. Some scripts however have special optimizations in place for those as well.