Can we unzip directly in the server?

Hi Guys

I was wondering if there’s a way to upload a zip file directly to the server and to unzip it there. It could decrease the ftp time quite a lot. Asking because it is 2 pm now and since 11 am I am ftp_ing the CMS Moodle to my server, and it is not even half finished. And I need to upload the same CMS to two other places …

Thanks for any suggestion.

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You can ssh to the server and use unzip if you wish. You can use wget as well if you want.
Or, you can use the DreamHost control panel ftp under ‘manage users’ and click ‘login now’. Then use the Upload button and from the right side (archive section) of the panel browse to your zip file, enter the location in the top left box and click the green tick mark a couple of times.


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I definatly reccomend you go with wget over ssh. That way instead of needing to depend on your internet connection to push the files up to dreamhost, you can used the massive bandwidth they have and pull the file directly to your server. Let me know if you need help figuring out SSH and those commands.

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Thanks guys. Well, I’ve tried DH’s CP ( and for some reason it is not been able to upload the zip file. I tried with small individual files, that works, but uploading the zip file doesn’t work simply.

I don’t really have any idea about SSH or wGet or wPut, but I will try to google these words. If you guys have any idea, thanks for sharing with me. By waiting, I will continue uploading files in the traditional way, though it takes a lot of time … :slight_smile:

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Moodle is around 14Mb, if I recall correctly; therefore, you will not be able to upload it with the web FTP client - it has a 7Mb upload limit.

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not to get too much off subject, but I just started trying to figure out this ssh. I’ve generated the keys but now it’s talking about authorized_keys in a .ssh directory.
I made a .ssh folder since it didn’t seem to already exist, but it never explains how to make or get an authorized_keys file
where do you go from here?

You don’t need to set up authorized keys to use telnet style username/password login. just ssh to the machine using one of the ssh clients listed here:

Well, finally I uploaded the file normally, it took me about 7 hours … now while trying to install that, the moodle auto-install is telling me that the php memory limit is very low which can create problem later …

Here is the message …

[quote]The PHP memory limit for your server is currently set to 8M.

This may cause Moodle to have memory problems later on, especially if you have a lot of modules enabled and/or a lot of users.

We recommend that you configure PHP with a higher limit if possible, like 16M.[/quote]

Any tips here friends? Thanks.

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if you don’t have SSH try ZipDeploy

there is a way to place a php.ini file on that directory, and change the memory limit.
I dont know if DH allows u to do that, nor I remember exactly what to right on the ini file, but if u google around, u’ll find it.
Lets just see if some other user knows if DH allows it