Can we install phpAdsNew?

I’m thinking of installing it for a friend’s magazine site on a shared account.


Because phpAdsNew is created in PHP and MySQL it can be used on many types of servers, including Apache running on Linux, BSD or MacOS X, Apache running on Windows, and Microsoft IIS. The only requirements are that PHP and MySQL are installed on your webserver. [/quote]
I think DH has that one covered.

I know that much. I’m just concerned that it might use up too many resources - especially MySQL connections - to really be used on a shared account.

Sorry… I wasn’t trying to be a wiseacre.

There are programs like Mambo and Postnuke that have banner servers like this included and they seem to work fine.

I’m running phpAdsNew, haven’t had a problem yet. I think that once it will create a heavy load on the server my site will have grown enough anyway to jusify the need for a dedicated serve anyway.

Thanks, wjd. Are you running it as a CGI or with mod_php?

mod_php :slight_smile: