Can we get to a fully hosted domain w/o registerin

does a fully hosted domain need to be registered? how can we visit a fully hosted domain before registering?

I’m really not sure what you’re trying to ask. Here’s a few guesses…

You don’t have to register a domain with Dreamhost to host it here. However the domain must be registered somwhere before you can host it.

You can sign up with dreamhost with out having a registered domain. You get one free domain registration as part of the deal.

You can create free (fully hosted) sub-domains or for whatever you want.

If I’ve missed the mark, please try to reword your question.

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sorry i’ve had too much computer lately…

i’ve just registered a domain which was “already” fully hosted, but evidently it is unreachable until registered.

Correct. You can add unregistered domains to the DreamHost system as ‘fully hosted’. However, they will not be reachable until the domain has been properly registered and the DNS information has propagated across the Internet.

If you need to access the domain before registration and/or DNS propagation has completed (eg: for testing), you can use a technique detailed in the following wiki article.

Basically, you create a free sub-domain and set it to mirror your real domain.


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Yes the domain name must be registered before it can be used in any way.

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