Can view page after deleting it

Im having problems updating my webpages. If i upload the new page and overwrite the old page when i visit the url i still see the old page even if i delete the page alltogether and it no longer appears in my servers directory i can still visit the url and see the page!!! I have deleted my temp internet files and even when viewing on my other computer i get the same problem any thoughts? the following url should not be visible since the htm file has been deleted from the server

Well everything seems fine, comes up 404 for me.

Don’t believe me? Try visiting and put in that URL. When you submit the form, that web site will tell you in detail what happens when it “visits” that page. Sounds like a caching issue to me.

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Now i too get the 404 but for some reason it doesnt happen immediately after deleting the file, there seems to be some delay between when i delete a file and when its no longer visible on the web? if it were a caching issue i would still be able to see the page correct? (havent touched my PC for the last 6 or so hours since i posted the original message)

It’s probably your browser. Refresh or clear your cache to see your updates/deletions.

I have been seeing this problem yesterday and still today but given that your problem appears close to fixed, maybe it’s not the same as what I’m seeing.

My current thought for my problem is that there is something wrong with Firefox but I’m Not Sure. I was using 1.0.3 fresh install yesterday, upgraded to 1.0.4 today. Netscape 7.2 sees my file changes appropriately. Firefox just won’t let go, even if I clear the cache and restart it. Well, after many hours (overnight), it did display correctly for one file but it’s still happening for about 6 files for me at this point. I basically can’t use it for this work.

I can’t see where Firefox stores the disk cache to see if it’s actually being cleared. And even though I can see traffic going out to the net for every reload request I make, I don’t know if that’s working and Firefox isn’t delivering the right file to me, or if that’s just not working for Firefox but it works for Netscape (hard to imagine). I even tried rebooting my pc for some good karma. also shows the correct info – thanks, Atropos7.

I’m curious – which browser are you using?

I am usine IE6 BTW how do i clear my cache? just tools>internet options>delete files correct?

While it is certainly possible the cache mechanism of Firefox needs work, one problem might be a hidden setting:

  1. Typing about:config in the location bar and press enter
  2. Typing cache in the filter
  3. Change the value of this preference as appropiate:

browser.cache.check_doc_frequency: Compare the page in cache to the page on the network: 0 = Once per session 1 = Every time I view the page 2 = Never 3 = When the page is out of date (default)That last one is a bit tricky. When Firefox downloads something, the cache determines an “expiration date”. This is not going to be an expiration date the web site specifies itself. To see what the expiration date is for something you are looking at, select Tools -> Page Info (or right-click and select Page Info). When the expiration date has passed is when Firefox would download a fresh copy of the resource.

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That Firefox information was very helpful, thank you. I do think I’ve run into a bug but found a way around.

“browser.cache.check_doc_frequency” was set to “3” – when page is out of date. I changed it to “1”, cleared cache, closed all Firefox windows and restarted it. It didn’t work. I then zeroed out the cache and it worked. I then reset the cache back to 50000 and it continued working. I now see thru Page Info a 5 second difference between the Modified and the Expired date instead of 36 hours or more. I can work with that.

Oddly enough before making that change, I did see an Expiration Date increase by a few seconds when I clicked reload and there was a new file version but it didn’t get it. Seemed like it was teasing me by increasing the expiration date because of the new one being there. I’m kidding but this could give a weaker person a complex :slight_smile:

I suspect something changed with my 1.0.3 upgrade a few days ago. I’ve been able to use Firefox this way for many months without a problem.

What users would be served by an Expiration Date that’s set by Firefox and has nothing to do with the state of the website now that dynamic pages are so common?

I don’t use IE these days but a quick look to me says that’s the place to clear your disk cache. Then close all your IE windows to clear its memory cache although I’m not sure that’s adequate since IE is also used by the OS (I think). Maybe the caches are kept separately. Or maybe you need to restart? (I would hope not.)