Can this be done using DreamHost?


I would like to set up a mentoring website using DreamHost. The way that it would be set up is to have the mentors log in on the site, and only the information of the individuals that they are working with would come up. The only thing that they would be able to edit is a field that they could update the activities that they’ve had with their mentee. I know that you could do this in FileMaker, but there are very few FileMaker hosts and they are expensive. How could this be done using DreamHost? Thank you for your help.


Well you need to build a website for it. You need to get a good content management system like Drupal. I don’t recommend the one-click install of it as it is only the simple install so you wouldn’t be able to have any custom modules and such that would be necessary. You might want to look at an install profile called open atrium. You can find information about it here and you can actually download the files from here. It is based on Drupal 6 though and hasn’t yet been ported to 7. If you have any problems I am more than willing to install it for you for a 75$ fee :slight_smile:


thanks for the feedback Ryo-ohki. Is it possible to construct it using Joomla?


Moodle is made for this kind need. It is a full fledged education and teaching suite and can be a simple or as complex as you like. It is very intuitive with great support. Although I haven’t used it recently, I have built several learning nodes large (a whole school) and small with it and found it very easy. It is a one-click install on DreamHost, no fuss, no muss.

Look it over and see…



Thanks Lee.D. Moodle looks like a online classroom, which would probably be useful in the future. What I’m looking to do is to have a database online where the mentors can upload their activities and I can administer it from the backend to produce reports. Also, I would like to be able to access reports via the web or iPhone, Blackberry, Window Mobile, etc.


I am sure you could do similar things with Joomla but I really am not all that knowledgeable about it. I don’t do more than install it and modules for people, I don’t actively work with it. I recommended Drupal because I have worked extensively with it and know what its capable of. I am pretty sure practically any content management system would be able to accomplish what you are wanting to do really. As far as Moodle I haven’t really worked with that at all but it looks like it would be similar in function as what open atrium would be able to do for you.


I’ll try to be more specific to see if anyone else has done this.

The site will be a mentoring / coaching site. There will be 2 major user groups: Mentors and Students.

As admins, we’d like to be able to assign single students to single mentors. Mentors can have multiple students assigned to him / her but students will only be with one mentor.

What does this mean? Well as mentors and students have their mentoring sessions over the phone, the mentor can open a feedback interface to submit student evaluation using fields that we currently have set up in a web form. Instead of this info going to an email address, though, we’d like it saved to the website’s database where it can be viewed by the mentor again, and the student he selected to write it for. Only those two users, and the admin of course, may view the feedback submitted. We’d also like to give students and teachers the chance to “comment” on this feedback, like a running thread in a forum.

This feedback should be searchable, too.

Student users should also be able to write journals for their mentors to read and comment on. These journals will only be viewable by the mentor and the student.

That’s it. We’d just like something to help us with this kind of private communication between the mentors and the students assigned to them.

I realize that something like this may or may not exist right now, but before we bank on using Joomla, I’d like some opinions about how possible this is.

Thanks everybody!


It all depends on your experience. What you want can be done with practically any content management system. so long as it allows you to create custom roles, set permissions to who can access what, etc. Joomla can do this but so can many others. Since you have no experience with any particular system there isn’t going to be any beneficial information as far as you using one over the other for what you are wanting.


it doesn’t matter which you ‘bank on’, you are going to need someone to customise it to do what you want it to do. there’s nothing available ‘out of the box’ that will do exactly what you want it to do. so given that, it depends more on what the person doing the customisation knows best because quite a few things could be customised to do what you want. it’s not a matter of dreamhost doing it. it’s a matter of finding a programmer who can build what you want. dreamhost is just a host…