Can’t edit webpages without “republishing” site

Okay, so here is the current procedure:

  1. Change a few lines of text and add a few new pictures on a page on my website in iWeb (let’s say the “latest news” webpage for example).
  2. “Publish” the entire website to a folder on my hard drive. (Now I have two published websites by the same name in different folders on my hard drive that are only slightly different).
  3. Open up cyberduck (my ftp client).
  4. Type in the complete url in the “quick connect box” and then I type in my server name and password.
  5. Now I open the “index.html” folder for the site and delete the old “latest news” folder completely from cyber duck (my ftp client).
  6. Now I just drag the new edited version folder of “latest news” from my hard drive and then drop it into the index.html folder and within a minute or two the new “latest news” webpage appears on my website.

So, obviously this works, but it’s a “wonky as hell” procedure, especially considering the fact that I want to be changing and updating the website on a weekly basis. I’m sure a better way to update webpages exists, but I’m a complete beginner to all of this stuff. Any help or advice would be most appreciated!


Cyberduck can synchronize your server directory to look like your local directory. I’m a Transmit user (also syncs), so I don’t know where to set Cyberduck to synchronize, but that’s the easy way to update your site.

(Edit) I just looked through my iWeb. Now I see the bigger issue. iWeb rebuilds the whole site each time. Transmit doesn’t let me fine-tune the sync to update only files of different size. Because iWeb rebuilds the site, all files will have a newer timestamp.

In this case I’d go with rsync (via Terminal) with the following command:
rsync -avze ssh --size-only --delete ‘~/Sites/MySiteFolder/’ ‘’

This will sync the folder in your account with MySiteFolder on your Mac, but only files that have changed size. Odds are, the change(s) you made will alter the file size, and the rest of the regenerated stuff will be the same filesize. The --delete will get rid of stuff that’s no longer part of your updated site.


As you might have noticed in your previous thread(s) regarding your email setup issue, it gets a bit confusing when you start multiple identical threads.

Since one user might respond to one thread, while another user responds to another thread, it quickly becomes confusing and difficult to keep track of the “multiple discussions”.

Please try to refrain from “cross posting” the same post simultaneously in multiple forums. Pick one, and stick with that; it just makes it much easier on all that might try to help you and on anyone trying to follow the discussion. :wink:

If you get no response to your post in a given forum after a day or two, it might make sense to “repost” a couple of days later in a different forum, but most regular users here view the new postings across numerous forums using the “view recent messages” feature and will usually see your post whatever forum it is in.


My, bad. I definitely don’t want to cause problems. I was just trying to cast out the widest net possible.

Don’t some users only run through certain forums, though?

Oops! I didn’t mean to imply that you were “bad”! :open_mouth:

I understand your intentions, and it is quite possible that someone might only cruise a given forum. :wink:

That whole issue, and general social attitudes about “crossposting”, is a long-time point of contention on UseNet and on many other internet forums. Generally speaking, it has been my experience in most forums (and particularly in this one) that you are better off picking the “fourm” where you feel you are most likely to get the desired help, and go with that until/unless that doesn’t get you a response.

Many of the more prolific posters that provide the most help just don’t want to mess with keeping track of multiple threads that are all discussing the same thing.

Crossposting also can double, or triple, the amount of reading/searching a user interested in the answer to your question has to go to see everything that has been said. :wink: