Can’t edit webpages without “republishing” entire

Okay, so here is the current procedure:

  1. Change a few lines of text and add a few new pictures on a page on my website in iWeb (let’s say the “latest news” webpage for example).
  2. “Publish” the entire website to a folder on my hard drive. (Now I have two published websites by the same name in different folders on my hard drive that are only slightly different).
  3. Open up cyberduck (my ftp client).
  4. Type in the complete url in the “quick connect box” and then I type in my server name and password.
  5. Now I open the “index.html” folder for the site and delete the old “latest news” folder completely from cyber duck (my ftp client).
  6. Now I just drag the new edited version folder of “latest news” from my hard drive and then drop it into the index.html folder and within a minute or two the new “latest news” webpage appears on my website.

So, obviously this works, but it’s a “wonky as hell” procedure, especially considering the fact that I want to be changing and updating the website on a weekly basis. I’m sure a better way to update webpages exists, but I’m a complete beginner to all of this stuff. Any help or advice would be most appreciated!


I don’t know about iWeb, but you could at least add a bookmark to Cyberduck so you don’t have to re-type the connection information every time.

Just start Cyberduck and just left of the quickconnect field there is a “Bookmarks”. Click on that and a list will slide out to the left. Then click on the " " at the bottom and add your DH account.

If you edit you websites locally, on your Mac, there is no faster way to publish your pages. The only option for example would be to install a blogging software (like Wordpress) on the server directly. But that would take some time to learn (especially the customization of the design).


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Learn HTML coding and edit the raw code yourself in a plain text editor… that way you can change anything you want without having to rebuild the whole thing.

– Dan

iWeb is great in many aspects, but this is something that doesn’t work well. It’s not DreamHost’s fault. You would get the same behaviour with almost any kind of web host when you’re using iWeb, except .mac because Apple have built iWeb to be able to work very close to .mac.

I’ve seen other Macintosh web building programs like Freeway Pro ver4 that won’t allow you to edit their code with html. WYSIWYG in the real sense of the term.

Vern didgeridoo info and more

Freeway and iWeb uses the same principles as they generate the code when you hit the publish buttons.

Other Mac applications like Dreamweaver, GoLive, Nvu and TextMate is at better choice if you want to directly edit the actual HTML.