Can subdomains be pointed to another nameserver?

Does Dreamhost allow you to point a subdomain (on a domain hosted at DH) to another host server?

I think it does allow what you’re asking…

Log-in to your control panel, then go to Domains -> Manage Domains, then click the [DNS] link next to your domain.

From there you can type in a subdomain (wildcard subdomains are OK) and assign it a DNS record type (CNAME/NS/etc) and a value.

Or, if you just want it to redirect the browser to a webpage on your other host (easier, but you can’t do anything fancy with it) you can click Domains -> Manage Domains, then click the “[Add New Domain / Sub-Domain]” link at the bottom. Then type in “” in the Domain to redirect field, and put the URL of your other host’s webpage in the Redirect to URL field and click “Redirect this domain now”

[website | stephen harper | myspace]

“From there you can type in a subdomain (wildcard subdomains are OK) and assign it a DNS record type (CNAME/NS/etc) and a value.”

This sounds like what I want to do. Thanks. Now to figure out how to point to a specific location on that machine…may have to check with the (non-DH) host.

Don’t know if this applies, but CNAME’s that point to NS’s are not okay by RFC decree and can muck things up. Clueful sysadmins may eventually become rather irritated and make things mysteriously borken on you if this is done. I found this out the hard way. :slight_smile:

DNSReport.Com is a great way to find out if all your nameserver stuff is working correctly. There are probably other interpretations of the phrase “subdomains pointed to a nameserver” but in the case I’ve described, the report would be something like:

"It is not valid to have a CNAME entry entry for the hostname in an NS record (for See [url=]RFC1912 2.4[/url] and [url=]RFC2181 10.3[/url] for more information."Hope this helps further clarify for somebody, somewhere. :slight_smile:

It turned out to be quite easy, although I did contact DH support to make sure I was doing things the right way. I created the subdomain, pointed it to my non-DH nameserver, and then deleted the DH Web Service for that subdomain thru the panel (thus deleting the A records).