Can someone please confirm that this is correct?

I’m trying to deal with several domains that I’ve inherited (the former account owner unexpectedly died). I’m no expert, and this is not easy to figure out.

Here’s what I’d like to do. The account currently has several domain directories, including “” I’d like to give a new user “johndoe” ftp access only to that domain, so I want “carve it out.” After some reading and some help from another Q I posted, here’s what I plan to do. Is this correct? Advice/confirmation VERY MUCH appreciated!

  1. Create a new user “johndoe” with a new password “newpw”. That means there will be a directory “home/johndoe”

  2. I can now log into with userid johndoe and password newpw. There I will create a new directory called “”. (Until I’m finished, I don’t want to call it “” because I want that website to continue running until I flip the switch as the final step.)

  3. I copied all the current subdirectories and files in the directory to the new “” directory.

  4. Then I’ll rename the “” directory that’s been existence something else so I can keep it as a backup. I’ll rename it: “”.

  5. I believe at this point there is no website “” because there is no proper path.

  6. I will rename “” to “”, and now anyone looking on the web for will be directed to home/johndoe/ and all is well.

  7. Thereafter, the ftp login would no longer be through but rather through, with login “johndoe” and “newpw”


Thanks. John

It’s MUCH easier than that:
Go to the panel for Domains -> Manage Domains. You’ll get a listing of that bunch of domains you have. Click Edit in the Web Hosting column for that domain.

You’ll get the light-blue Fully Hosted box with the current info. Part of the info is the FTP User, which is a dropdown menu. Go into that and pick Create New User, and then enter the new username right below that.
And Check the “Copy domain’s files to new user” box.

And that’s it! As a precaution, back up the files to your home computer first.


Thank you very much!


Can’t believe I overlooked that.

:cool: -//-

I think it’s new. It’s what now makes changing the owner a convenient process.