Can someone make this Layout for me?

Hello there! I’m moving from proboards to here and I have NO clue how to use PHP >< Is there someone out there that can make the layout for me from my board here : to where I want it to be? That would be so great heh ^^ Is it hard to make? o.O

If you need images and stuff just howl and I’ll help out, but I think that you can just right click and get it that way from the board :slight_smile:

I’ll hope for the best here in my lil corner of the world ^^;


That layout belongs to ProBoards as copyrighted material. I suggest you do a search for “phpbb templates” and find one close to what you want and tailor that one to your liking.

No no, the images and everything are mine, it’s just some scripts that belong to proboards, if that’s possible to make in php or make some other codes to still make it work that doesn’t belong to proboards I’d be happy ^^ all the images are made by me, the bg is a free one from a site somewhere on the web. I have the right to everything except proboard’s scripts and since I don’t know anything at all about php I’m stuck >< I’m fine with removing of the chat if that helps, I just want the colors and everything along with the images to look like they do there, on the new place heh ^^

Sorry, should have been more clear on the image thing from the start. I’m a (hobby)graphic designer so I know how to do graphic, just not code it in somewhere ><; I tried tailloring this SpringFlowers php template but… as you can see I have no clue of what I’m doing, hence the poke for help :\ I don’t even know where to begin… :frowning: It’s the tailoring bit I need help with, I have all the graphics heh ^^;



anyone? :\

you might try… you can usually find someone to do custom coding for quite cheap.