Can someone help me with email problems


I have a few members who have email addresses and their boxes are almost completely full, yet we cannot find the messages. I’ve read in the wiki about the .old-messages, however I CANNOT figure out how to access these emails. I am totally lost.

Can someone PLEASE help walk me through finding these emails for these people, they’re taking up space on my site.

I have outlook, outlook express and thunderbird. I can use any of those three and am willing to download a different email program if necessary. I use a PC with win xp.

Thanks in advance.


In Thunderbird (on Windows), have you tried right-clicking on the account name, then selecting “subscribe?” From the pop-up, you should be able to subscribe to the old messages folder. Otherwise, have you tried accessing the old messages via webmail?




Yes, that was the trick! I have been racking my brain and tried to subscribe before with no success, but this finally worked. Thanks for the suggestion!