Can someone help me with Crontab?

Hey dudes, im not so new to web but theres so many things that i’ve yet to know >< and i was wondering if someone who’s experienced with crontab can write me up a script that would go something like this;

Step 1.
Copy all files located in folder which is located in the root folder.

Go into the folder called Backups also located in the root folder, once in that folder i need the script to create a new folder and name it after the date eg, April 20 2007, once its in that folder it should create another folder named Site and then paste the content in there.

it needs to backup all of the mysql databases in and then put this file into the Backups folder under a new folder called MySql

and thats about it thanks if someone can do this if not then i better start reading over and over again.

so basically its a simple backup script.

Most, if not all, of that is already done for you and available on this Dreamhost Wiki page on Automatic Backups. There is also additional information/strategies/techniques on the DH Wiki page on Backups.

I think it is quite possible everything you need is available via one of those resources. :wink: