Can someone help me to transfer my domain?


Can anyone from moderators helps me to transfer my domain to Domain which I have to transfer is and I would really appreciates any help regarding that issue. Kindly helps me ASAP.

Thanks and regrads

Saif Khan

People on this forum are just customers.

If you’re transferring a domain away from Dreamhost to a new host, then you should actually be asking the new host’s support department for help if you need any.

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if your domain name is purchased through someone other than dreamhost…ie godaddy, dotster, etc. then you transfer your nameservers to your new host from there.

if you purchased your name from dreamhost, then you just do the transfer from your web admin panel.

Domain transfers are a “pull” operation. They have to be initiated at the destination. The OP’s domain is registered here at DreamHost, and they’ve already set the nameservers for Bravehost. But to complete the domain transfer, they’ll need to go to Bravehost and request the transfer from that end.


I just did this this morning via godaddy, I logged into, and managed my account / domain there.

Then changed the DNS servers from the Godaddy ones, to the ones provided by

This took 2 minutes to refresh, and suddenly my DNS was working and my web site worked from dreamhost.