Can receive but not send email


I’ve been unable to get my client (Thunderbird 2) to send mail via my dreamhost mail server, I wonder if anyone has any ideas.
This is not the ISP blocking SMTP (which it does do), because that returns a 5.7.1 Relaying denied error. I am using SSL and the specified ports (POP3 and 995; incoming mail works fine), port 465 for SMTP. When I send a message, the Thunderbird ‘sending message’ window comes up and announces that it is connected to the server (as usual), and the password dialog pops up. I enter my password, then there is delay of a few seconds, then the password dialog reappears. This will happen indefinitely (i.e. I can keep entering my password and hitting enter, and the window will just keep popping back up).

So as near as I can tell, I am able to make an outgoing connection, and I am not getting a password incorrect error. Anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing this? Have I missed something?

Thanks, Rob

Do you have SMTP Auth checked ? Dreamhost requires the user to use SMTP auth before sending out emails. This is to prevent spammers using your mail server as a gateway.