Can only view my site with "www" in the address


Hi All,

I want to have the option of viewing my website with OR without the “www”. I changed the setting in the hosting panel for this domain to “Leave it alone: Both and will work.” yesterday.

The settings have definitely saved - there’s no clock icon next to the domain I edited.

Does this take as much time as, say, registering a domain (i.e. up to 72 hours) as the message when I saved said the changes should be set in 5 - 10 minutes. Anyone know??

Thanks in advance!



This could have something to do with DNS propagation. DNS records are usually cached and only rechecked after a certain time has elapsed. If that’s the cause then your problem should go away after waiting a little while.


Thanks ottodv, I’ll give it another 24 hours and see what happens - at the moment it’s still coming up with Bad Request.

I’m wondering if there’s something else I’m missing, though. I have zen cart installed, so are there settings in that that expect the “www” and won’t work without? Once I’ve waited another 24 hours, I’ll see if the problem is persisting…

Thanks again!


In my experience it’s more like a few hours for DNS to propagate properly (less than 4 hours). 24 hours seems awfully long.

You can also try if your domain works from other places.

A good place to try is to use ssh to connect to your server (where the site is hosted). Then use lynx to check your site:

Then try without www too.

Now it should work from there, because it will use Dreamhost’s DNS directly and not suffer from your ISP’s DNS cache. If it doesn’t that means your setting surely isn’t correct.

ps. Lynx is a non-graphical browser.


Hi otto,

Well, would you believe it, but it’s all up and working now! I added secure hosting today, and that seems to have kicked everything into high gear. ADDED to that, I found that my C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file was USING the domain without the “www”, so I deleted that, closed down all instances of my browser and re-opened, and VOILA! It’s working : )

Thanks ever so much for all your advice, and I will make a note of Lynx if I run into this in the future,

Thanks again!! : )