Can not receive email-using Web-based Email script


i want to build Web-based Email for public

i had using these 2 scripts for test

socketmail (

vbms vbulletin mail system (

i can send email using those script, but i cant receive email at all

this webmail project very important for me, if i cant doing this in dreamhost probably i need move to another host


According to the “Reguirements” section of the socketmail website, the program requires allow_url_fopen to be sot “ON”. This is not available with the default PHP installations on DreamHost - to enable this you would need to install your own version of PHP or use a copy of DreamHost’s PHP with a custom php.ini (instruction for doing either of these things are in the DH wiki).

DreamHost’s installed PHP also does not have sockets enabled.

I didn’t spend a lot of time reading through the stuff on the socketmail site, but it looked to me like the software wants to run its own daemon; and DreamHost does not allow that on a shared server account.

Have you contacted the socketmail folks? As it is a commercial product, and DreamHost has become a large and popular host, they should be able to confirm whether or not it will run and what, if anything, you need to do to install in on DreamHost.

Good Luck!



hi rlparker thanks for replying

i had using custom php.ini to set allow_url_fopen=on no problem with this i had doing this since two month a go, you help me this too before remember? :slight_smile:

i will using vbms vbulletin mail system ( not socketmail for sure, i just make sure those scripts doesnt receive email

this is vbms support says, but there is no support again now :

And yes, you can install it on shared hosting, as long as you can set up a catch-all email box

My catch-all email is

i want to know is there someone in dreamhost shared using Web-based Email for public and working

or maybe your self ever create Web-based Email in your web?


No problem! I just wish I could help you more (and now that you mention it, I do remember that you were installing your own custom php.ini). :wink:

I just went and took a look at that link for the vBulletin Mail System, and I’m wondering about the IMAP requirement. I know you did a custom php.ini, but did you do a complete recompile of PHP to add the imap extensions (more on that in this thread)? I’m thinking you will probably have to do that, but as vBulletin is a commercial product that I don’t use, I can’t test it for you to be sure. :frowning:

Maybe someone here can share what they are doing with vBulletin and that hack.

I have installed other webmail systems that worked in a similar fashion on DreamHost (several years ago) and got them to work (using POP3), but quickly abandoned any thought of offering public “webmail” due to spam concerns and DH’s implementation of user-based email quotas.

Depending upon how they are sent, DH allows 100 or 200 outgoing emails an hour, and that just won’t work for most public webmail use.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help to you on this.