Can not login via FrontPage 2002

We recently moved our hosting from Y! to DreamHost where we were using FrontPage 2002 as our main editor. Now that we have moved to DreamHost we can not log into our web site from FrontPage. We can login via FTP just fine. We are not on the FrontPage server since we don’t need FrontPage extensions and want to use FTP and CGI.

For what it’s worth the login and password are the same on DreamHost as they were on Y!

Any ideas?

If you are not on the FrontPage Extensions server, you will want to use Frontpage’s built-in FTP support. You should set the Publish URL to “”, rather than “”.

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When I try to open the “web” via “” I get the following error message: “FrontPage does not support opening files from FTP servers.”

FrontPage is loaded with proprietary junk that is trying to get everybody to do everything the “Microsoft way”. I would recommend dumping it and using a more reasonable editor (preferably learning HTML and using a plain-text editor).

– Dan

no one using FrontPage wants to hear that man!

[Extremely] Sound advice nonetheless! :smiley:


What version of Frontpage are you using? Through Frontpage 2002 (the latest I’ve used) it should work ok. Note that Frontpage does not support passive FTP, which is required for anyone using a firewall or cable/dsl router.

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We are using FP2002 with a DSL router/modem and a switch.

I have no qualms about using another package, we just had FP2002 laying around so we used it.