Can not delete directory

I can not delete a directory under my root. I have used my webftp and even after deleting the files in a folder it still does not let me delete the folder telling me it is not empty. This directory is the remnants of a quick install that I had deleted using the Manage Your Databases but some files and folders still exist. I’m assuming some hidden file are not allowing me to delete the folders. I just need to delete a directory named geneology " I know its spelled genealogy ".

Use a real SFTP client rather than webftp :wink:

Thanks worked like a charm. I haven’t built a web site for twenty years. I have a lot to catch up on.

I am new to dreamhost. I started with a test page which appeared on the web without the picture (question mark instead). I then attempted to ‘fix’ the problem but could not delete anything. I followed the advice above, switched to fileZilla and deleted some items but still have lots of stuff there that I cannot delete. I would like to eliminate everything and start over with a clean slate. How can I accomplish this?

What folder are you trying to delete, and what errors are you getting?