Can not connect

Hey, I just bought a basic server two days ago and set up my host with a domain I bought a month ago. I can not connect to my FTP, SSH, Telnet, or Mail server. They always say bad password, when I am sure I have the right one. I have tried setting up new accounts, but I keep getting a bad password error. I know the site is pointing to the right servers because I can get into the Squirel Mail page, I just can’t log in.

P.S. I can login to the and check my info, but not Squirel Mail.

I bought a hosting plan two days ago too, and I’m having the same problem.

I also got the infamous “bad_httpd_conf” error, but I contacted support and they fixed that for me, though it seems to have returned just now.

I’ve found that panel creation of FTP users, mailboxes, addresses etc. can take up to three and a half days to be actioned by the system.