Can Kayako support suite run?

Is it possible to run the Kayako support suite on dreamhost? The php + mysql is obviously supported. but their site ( lists that it requires:

Zend Optimizer or ionCube Loader

Not sure what this is or if it’s usable on dreamhost. Anyone know? thank you.

PHP is “pre-zend” optimized by default here :wink:

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The links below will show you the default configurations for the DreamHost PHP4 and PHP5 installs.




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thank you again for the info. I’d heard of zend but didn’t know it was a default-ish type of thing [or whatever that means lol].

Out of curiosity does anyone use kayoko or perldesk? I don’t own either yet but will be getting one or the other soon. any ups or downs that anyone know of? kayoko looks a bit better and more polished but maybe perldesk is the same once you start using it. any advice?

Also, in case your still wondering. The ionCube loaders work flawlessly, as long as they are place one level before the are called.

So you can just put the loaders in the same dir as ‘logs’ and ‘maildir’ and the loaders will load on your domain.

The Z optimizer seems like too much of a hassle.

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I don’t know much (anything) about the ionCube Loader…would it add any benefit over using the already-there Zend? The one problem I’ve run into is email piping, it doesn’t look like it’s possible to do this (with postfix, etc?) with a PHP script -> which is what Kayako uses (I guess php isn’t installed on Dreamhost’s mail servers, so php isn’t available to use).

Would using ionCube Loader help with this, or should I just give up on the email piping troubles? Thanks again.

Well ionCube and the Z optimizer really can’t do anything with email piping.

ionCube is a decrypter, and I don’t really know what kayako is. I will see what that is and give you some more info.

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