Can jwchat work with Dreamhost shared hosting?

Is it possible to get jwchat ( ), a jabber web client, to work from a Dreamhost hosted site? Is the Dreamhost web server ( pernod ) configured correctly? ( doesn’t appear to be ) Which jabber server does Dreamhost use? I was able to connect to my Dreamhost jabber server from the demo page, a good sign. I installed all the jwchat files on both my local server and at my Dreamhost site. jwchat comes up fine on my local apache server but all I get is an index of pages on my Dreamhost site. jwchat server config info is in the README at for the curious.

I’m not familiar with the project in particular, but if it’s based on a server process that needs to stay alive… you probably can’t run it on DreamHost.

Can you give more info on what the server-side actually consists of?

“JWChat relies on some service either implementing HTTP Polling or HTTP Binding (through the use of JSJaC).
There a Jabber™ servers out there having such kind of services built-in directly like ejabberd that comes with an http polling interface. If your server doesn’t support any of these protocols itself there are external software components available which let you connect to any jabber server using HTTP Polling or HTTP Binding like punjab or JabberHTTPBind.”

punjab and JabberHTTPBind are persistent processes. Don’t know if the DreamHost Jabber servers do the HTTP stuff.

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I think the primary server process needed is the DH jabber server. The question really is, does the jabber server used by DH have http polling ability or not? The jwchat jabber web client itself is written entirely with html/css and a load of javascript. ( I’ve been studying its files, interestingly large js project. ) It also requires the browser to have a flash plugin. To function, it requires an http polling interface with the jabber server. ( or some other way to connect ) Some jabber servers have this built in, ejabberd for instance, I think jabberd1.4 can work with jwchat also. With jabber servers that don’t directly support http polling it appears a special interface program needs to be running. Just where it is needs to run I’m still trying to find out. Does anyone know which jabber server DH is currently using?

jwchat is a web interface to the jabber system much like Squirrel Mail is to email. Perhaps it world be a good thing for DH to provide such an interface. ( jwchat or some other similiar web interface. ) If the interface to the jabber server is abailable installing jwchat appears quite simple.

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