Can it Handle a Digging/Reddit

I recently completed a large project and am finishing up the build diary and pictures for the site now. After talking to quite a few people I’m relatively certain its going to generate alot of that massive but fleeting traffic from sites like and I don’t want my site to go down during the time and being on the low level shared hosting plan I’m very worried. I’m going to make all traffic to the article redirect to a static copy of the page but I’m worried I still might kill the server. It will probably be a total of 250kb between the html, css and images. Lets assume the worst of say 50,000 hits in 24 hours…Can it survive or will I crash the server? How about hosting most of the images in other locations, I could use flikr or my other hosting account. So what do you think, suggestions are welcome… can dreamhost shared hosting survive a digg if I plan for the best? And how should I plan?

It’s really hard to tell, because the load on your server is shared by/with other users. That said, if you are serving purely static pages, I’m thinking you are probably going to be fine.

Looking back over the past forum threads, static sites seemed to have survived digg and /. spurts fairly well; the MySQL/dynamic sites are the ones that generally bite the dust, but of course YMMV.

I’d suggest you drop that same post over to DH support, and see what they say?


I believe im on server odwalla if it helps and it doesn’t seem particularly speedy.

“I’d suggest you drop that same post over to DH support, and see what they say?”

Is there a board for that or do you suggest I send it to them through my panel from the support area? Any other suggestions to help alleviate the load, I have an old godaddy hosting account I still pay for, I figured I could throw most of the pictures up there and same myself some server load, is that a good idea?

I just recently had a blog post go to 4500 diggs (Yet roughly I got more than 28,000 hits in one day) and haven’t seen the server chug one bit. I am using some Wordpress caching and things which help the MYSQL queries but no trouble here. Just as an fyi, I am on Sprite.

As a note:
Here are my stats for the last 7 days –
Successful requests: 710,782 (664,505)
Average successful requests per day: 35,603 (94,929)
Successful requests for pages: 76,558 (68,426)
Average successful requests for pages per day: 3,834 (9,775)

No problems here.

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I was suggesting you send ti to them bia the suppoprt area of the Control Panel. That was it become a “ticket”, and will get an “official” response.