Can I use torrent sync to load files to my account?

I have around 300GB of data that I need to load into my acount and keep it up to date from time to time. It’s a picture and video archive. It is not realistic to do this through scp. I need something that keeps the sync itself and has built in data integrity check.

Can i use torrent sync on a dreamhost shared account?
If not, why not?

are you using DreamObjects? I am not sure DreamHost would be too keen on uploading that much data to your web-hosting account.

Would rsync on a cronjob work? I use an rsync script to back up my photos from my home computer to a remote server (not DreamHost) every night at midnight and it works fine. The photo folder is around 200GB.

[quote=“sierracircle, post:2, topic:61713”]
are you using DreamObjects?[/quote]

My acount has had 1TB for, I dunno, 10 years maybe? ATM I think it is ‘unmetered’. What is the meaning of this metrics if I cant upload 1/3rd of what is advertised?

I don’t know if it would work, never really tried rsync. Torrentsync I’ve used several times and works flawlessly.
Why did you suggest rsync instead of torrent sync?

I guess it is a sort of grey-area; however, some people on this forum have posted about getting notices from DH for improper use of their accounts (storing data not related to their website). Just something to be aware of.

My account claims to have “unlimited” disk space, but I think that has a lot of caveats attached to it.

Are you saying you have 1TB available in your plan, or that you currently have 1tb of data stored on your plan for the last 10 years?

I am not really sure if Torrentsync would be possible to get up and running on DH, but a bash-script with rsync is certainly do-able, and fairly simple to implement…

The one advantage that I can think of that Torrentsync would have over rsync is that Torrentsync can handle large files better in case of interuption during transfer.

I imagine there are some pros and cons to either. Might be worth looking into.