Can i use swf with a subdomain

I recently put up my website and i created a subdomain where i wanted to use the same fla file but with different images (i’m a photographer). my main site runs perfectly but how do i get a swf to run off a subdomain?

i changed the index file and mapped everything similar to how i did it before but it doesn’t work.the index page opens but the swf file doens’t run

is this even possible, if so what am i doing wrong. i tried to such the answer online but i can’t seem to find what im looking for.

Umm, upload the .swf to the subdomain’s ftp area?

Or am i missing something?

i don’t understand it either, it should be working.

If you provide a link to the page where you are having trouble, we could look at the code and see if something catches our eye. :wink:


Maybe your index page in your subdomain do not link correctly to the SWF file. As rlparker pointed out, you can post your site so that other can help checking.

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It shouldn’t matter whether a file is in a “regular” domain or a subdomain (they’re all the same to Internet standards), but you do have to make sure the file is where you’re pointing at with the URL. Without your giving the URL here there’s not much anybody can do to debug it.

– Dan

Also check the case of your directory and filename. As they are case sensitive.
ex. ABc.Jpg and abc.jpg are two different files

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