Can I use or add on www. to my domain name?

I’ve had my site up for years - and my host finally started crumbling, so I was out looking for a new host, and here I am. While I am pretty much pleased so far with everything Dreamhost has to offer, I am unable to find a way to get my emails that are sent to to appear in my mailbox.

There is NO way I could possibly retrace my steps through 4 years of mailing lists, links, groups, sites, etc. and change ALL of them to be without the www.

So my question - is there some way I can direct all the emails being sent to to my mailboxes? Can I add this feature? I’ve never had this issue with a host before. And I know I have TONS of mail out there - HELP!



Why don’t you take this as a chance to “right the wrong”? I’m sure you have already lost A LOT of messages over the past 4 years when you ask people to send e-mail to instead of just which has been widely accepted and what some people THINK your e-mail address to be no matter what you tell them.

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What you want to do is to add a subdomain “” (replacing with your domain) specifically, and disable the web service, but add a mail service. I think this will work and will do what you want; I’d suggest contacting support and having them do it for you, though (especially since I’m not sure you can easily add the www subdomain from the panel).


The problem here is because my old host accepted email with either the www. or without. I never missed emails due to that alone. ALso, that doesn’t change all the webrings, lists, websites, messageboards, profiles, business accounts, online accounts, etc, all which DO have that, and frankly, there is NO way I could possibly retrace my steps after four very busy years with my domain.

I’ve never encountered a host that actually saw a difference between an email address that had the www or didn’t.

Going back isn’t an option - I rather had felt that Dreamhost would have a way to deal with such things, and I would get a solid no nonsense solution, rather than a “this might work.”

Or at least a solid answer, one way or the other. Yes we can do this, no we cannot do this, yanno, that kind of thing.

Thanks anyway though.


Yeah you can’t. The @ and everything after it are already automatically supplied - can’t even in the advanced alias format.

Guess I’ll just call them up and ask - strange that they don’t answer such things on the forums though.

Thanks anyway!

[quote]Yeah you can’t. The @ and everything after it are already automatically supplied


I don’t think you understood my response. You want to try to ADD as an “extra domain” from the panel. Unfortunately, our system is dumb and won’t let you do that (mostly to prevent people from accidentally doing it), but support can force the addition for you. Then you need to remove the web and DNS service for from “Domains -> Manage” on the web panel.

Then you can just select, go to the “Mail -> MX” tab of the web panel, and set this subdomain to mirror mail for

[quote]strange that they don’t answer such things on the forums though


Well I am “they”; at least I work for DreamHost. You may want to read the front page of “” again; perhaps that will clarify things.

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