Can I use my existing hosting plan for a second domain?

Hi all,

First - apologies if this has been answered already (as I’m sure it must have been asked countless times) - but for the life of me I can’t find an answer to this. I’ve searched these forums, and the Wiki, and google, to no avail.

I have a domain - let’s call it - with a hosting plan. I want to register another domain,, and I want it to appear as though it’s an entirely separate website. But it will be only a very small website, and it seems a waste of money to buy a whole new hosting plan for it. Do I need to buy an entirely separate hosting plan for it, or can I use my existing hosting plan somehow, to host the files for it? If so, how?

I suspect that the answer is no. But I’ve noticed a “Cloaking” feature which I can see under the “Manage Domains” menu which might allow me to achieve a similar effect - assuming I understand it correctly. So, I plan to do the following - can someone confirm that this would have the desired effect?

[]I register
]I go to Manage Domains, click “Edit” under Web Hosting, and go to the Cloaked section
[]Under “Domain to cloak” it says
]Under “Site to display” I type “”, where I have a set up various webpages that link to each other (including an index.php)
[]When someone visits, it will say in their browser address bar, but they will see the webpage I set up at “
]Here’s something I’m not sure about at all: if a visitor to clicks a link (one which, for example, points to “”), what will they see in their browser address bar? Will it say “”?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can explain this all to a newb :slight_smile:

you can fully host as many domains as you want, no need for cloaking or anything…

Thank you Madbob! How I missed that page on my initial searches is beyond me, but it looks like that has everything I need.

Cheers :slight_smile: