Can I use ext ascii chars in ftp password?

hi. I read the news about changing the ftp pw for a possible security breach, ok, no problem, things that happen.

I use to manage my passwords and I’m very happy with it (disclosure: they are friends and I worked for them).

passpack has a “suggest password” functionality (I guess similar to the one dreamhost offer in the ftp web control panel). with this functionality I can choose the lenght and the set of characters to be used for the suggested password. for my new ftp pw I choosed to use extended ascii characters also (§, ê, « etc.).

trying an ftp connection I obtained an error message that said that maybe login data could not be used because they contained ext ascii chars. on the other hand I read on dreamhost web panel that it may take 15 minutes for the new pw to take effect, so maybe it’s just too early.

I could use an “easier” pw scheme, but I’m fond of long, twisty, ext ascii pw.

can I use them for my dh ftp account? thanks.

Using an FTP password with non-ASCII characters is technically possible, but it’s unlikely to work correctly with all FTP clients. I’d recommend against it.

thanks Andrew.

at the moment an ftp login with extended ascii chars seems to work fine with filezilla on a windows machine. should I use other clients/machines I’ll remember to check.

thanks again.