Can I use dpkg -l?

I’m maintainer of’s repository( and I have wrote listpackage.php( that list all files in the directory.
Now I have wrote a newer version of listpackage.php that use dpkg -l intensively(it ran dpkg -l one time per package file and i have about 20 packages). I ran it because I want to fetch some information about that package.

Here is its code:

Sorry about that, I don’t like to create newlines and the forum software don’t replace space to . You also can look at its screenshot in links I provided on the top of script.

The Javascript code have been encrypted by (to hope that it maybe reduce its size). It decoded from is:

(Tested in nanoweb 2.2.8 php 5.2.1 on Ubuntu 7.04 with 2.6.20-16-generic kernel)

Can I use this?

Thank you

PS. Sorry for my english.
PS2. You can use this code in MIT license.

Scanning through it, I don’t see where it wouldn’t. I also don’t see where it would set off any restrictions with PHP Safe Mode.

Should be fine, might be better to send the question to Dreamhost support for confirmation.

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