Can I use a DH URL to redirect to an existing site on a hosted server?

I’m new with an online marketing program and I want a nicer looking URL so it looks more professional. I have a landing page on the program’s website, but it looks messy to post in messages.

Can I use DH to create a nice URL and then redirect internally to the old address on the hosted program site? I don’t need any kind of hosting on DH, just the ability to redirect. Yes, I know I would need to buy my URL, but is that enough to do what I need?

You sure can! You don’t need a hosting plan; You’ll just need to register the domain, then have the old site redirect it:

…or cloak it:

Thank you. Now I can proceed. ;-D

Okay, I purchased my domain name: and tried to cloak the original hosting url

I got an error. can you help me? the location of the original is I know just enough to be dangerous. Help!

Looks like you set to be parked instead. Cloaking it for you now via the panel to see if we can replicate any errors. It should work as soon as DNS propagates. Let’s give it some time :slight_smile:

Much thanks. Checked this morning and it’s working!!!

Success! Happy to hear you’re all set now. If you need anything else, just let us know :slight_smile: