Can I use a code and get 2 domains

The code includes a free domain. However I want to add a 2nd one that that account, is it possible?

Also, do you guys have any real time chat support?

You get one included domain with your plan.

You can host unlimited other domains as part of your plan.

Domain registrations can be made at Dreamhost or with other registrars like

Supposedly they have a beta of chat support, but I’ve never seen it operational. Most support is done by email (usually about a 24 hour turn around). If you have a bigger plan, you can have support call you.

ok i just signed up, is it just me or their intergrated domain registration dont work?
Internal Error: Unable to check domain availability at this time. Please try again later!

nevermind it just worked, now i just need it to register (24 hrs)
its normal to have it not show up in ‘Manage Domain’ while its registering right?

You have to both register the domain name and add it as a fully hosted domain for it to appear in your web panel.

Good luck!

Also you need to sit back and have a beer or wine and relax while the DNS info for a new domain propagates through the net. This is one of the most common questions I’ve seen - people order up accounts and domains and wonder why nothing works after 5 minutes.

Sometimes new domains can take up to 48 hours or even more to get around to your ISP, so don’t panic.

Glad you could join us!


Not sure which DreamHost plan is best for you? This chart lists the plans.

i know domains take up to 24 hours, im new to DH so im not sure if they were suppose to have it listed or not in your account