Can I upload and give the direct urls of mp4 video files to public in DreamObjects

(1) I need to upload around 500 GB of mp4 video files recorded by me every year and give their direct url links for download and streaming publicly on my website. Can I do this with DreamObjects?

(2) How will they be backed up? For example when I have 1 TB of these video files in 2 years, what will happen if my DreamObjects server hard drive fails? Are they also stored on other server hard drives in the same datacenter? When are you starting multi-datacenter backups? I live in a country where uploading 1 TB again will become very difficult.

(3) When is CDN support coming? It has been planned for a year now.

Awaiting your kind replies before going ahead with the purchase. Thanks.


The Ceph storage technology used by DreamObjects stores multiple copies (three copies, I think?) of uploaded files, with each copy kept separate from the others. I’m not certain how we have it configured, but my understanding is that it’s configured to not just keep each copy on a different hard drive, but also on a different machine, or even in a different section of the data center.

Soon. But keep in mind that bandwidth for files downloaded through the CDN will likely be more expensive than files downloaded through DreamObjects directly.

I’ll add a few pieces of information to Andrew’s response.

DreamObjects does store three copies of your data. The underlying Ceph storage technology stores these copies on several hard drives and is self-healing should any drive fail (meaning that if a copy is determined to be bad it will automatically create a new copy based on the two remaining good copies).

Also as Andrew mentioned, DreamObjects is configured to store your data intelligently in the data center. It keeps one copy in a chosen rack of machines, the second copy in the same row but in a different rack. Finally, it keeps the third copy in a separate row to limit potential failures from network or power outages.

As for CDN, this is coming very soon (I’m working on some documentation now)! As Andrew mentioned, bandwidth will be more expensive but it will be very fast and global.

Thanks Justin and Andrew, So just to confirm, if I have 5TB on DreamObjects, it will make 3 copies which means you will have 5 TB on the main drive and 5 TB each at the other two places you mentioned, meaning 15 TB in total at your end. Am I correct?

That is correct. If you’re storing 5TB of data with us, we’re actually keeping 15TB of data. And you’re only charged for 5TB.