Can I transfer domain to DreamHost if

Can I transfer domain to DreamHost if it expires in 2 days?

You can try, but that is “risky” at best. “Losing” registrars are often notorious for “dwaddling” when it comes to transferring domains away, plus the newish ICANN rules allow for 5 days for you to respond to the losing registrar’s transfer notification email to indicate that you don’t want the domian to be transferred.

I’d advise that you should renew with your current registrar; for renewals, there is no requirement that you wait a specific amount of time before transferring away like you do with new registrations.

Registration is relatively cheap, and you won’t loose any registration time this way; DH adds an additional year to whatever time is already on the registration when you transfer a domain to them. :wink:


If you get it right on the first try, maybe…

  1. Is the domain unlocked?
  2. Is the whois administrative contact info current? (eMail must be correct)
  3. Do you have the correct Transfer Auth Code?
  4. Will the current administrative contact click the link in the confirmation mail?

Rudy Rimland

Thanks for answers.

I’m very glad to say that all the procedure - from Russian registrator to DH - was completed for less than 10 hours!

Outstanding! It’s really great when things work the way they are supposed to. Welcome to DreamHost! :slight_smile: