Can I test hosting before pointing domain?


Hi all,

I’ve got a domain hosted elsewhere at present that I intend moving to Dreamhost. However, I would like to setup the web hosting and test it before I point the domain at the dreamhost nameservers. Can I do this?

The only alternative I can think of is to create a sub-domain for another domain that is already at Dreamhost for testing purposes.

Also, the domain I plan to move currently has two domains (.com and flavours) pointing to the same website. With dreamhost, do I setup one as the main website, and have the other as a mirror?




Creating a subdomain for testing purposes, as you suggest, is the only way of dealing with this particular situation.

For experienced users, this has never really been much of a problem. In fact, DreamHost allow you to create subdomains like for this reason. For beginners, however, I’ve always thought this was a rather clumsy way of doing things, and a failing of DreamHost.

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